Where to Buy a Light Bulb

The bulb now joined the “object” category. It is put forward by cables and ultra chic Sockets who revisit totally the first function and the traditional design of the bulb.Here, the bulb adopts new forms and picks up a new way of lighting an Interior. We tell you where to find a deco ultra bulb.

The e-shop Jurassic Light specializes in the bulb to the vintage accents. The idea? Propose this cosy and charming atmosphere to the taste of the day. The brand reinterprets the bulb in its own way, proposing in suspended lighting, lamp and lamp wandering. Then comes the choice of the look, the vintage, the incandescent bulb and the bulb E14. To maximally customize the object, we can even choose the drive, socket and cable. What to offer more than a lighting, a true deco object that would create…

The origin of this bulb, the designer Samuel Wilkinson. The Plumen surf brand on the trend of the light bulb-shaped which diverts playfully cable and the light bulb. They put themselves on the front of the stage to more sheltering under a Lampshade and bring out their design clean and minimalist. We discover so elegant style where surrounded by textile cable matches the cache-socket, all sublimated by a material or a color (because the model comes in several colors to adapt to all the universe). The bulb is also reworked, neon way, to revisit the design of the traditional bulb.

Light bulb filament mind vintage or bulb diamond, Pop Corn revisits the bulb giving him another form, and alternating between the old and the contemporary. The idea? Offer both retro and timeless bulbs that fit into an original style décor. Here, the bulb is enhanced, it actually exists in the decoration as a real object. To sublimate a little more and adapt it to its interior, Pop Corn offers a selection of sockets and cables to the bright colors (gold, silver, copper). Highlight the bulb, it’s light up a room in a new way, between fantasy and simplicity.

The concept store thank you has a RADIUS hardware to put at our disposal a wide selection of bulbs, sockets and cables adapted to our needs. The price of the bulbs varies considerably, from 10 euros to 185 euros for the most unusual. All show a unique style and change their mind when they accompanied a socket and a cable of a different color. The smaller the RADIUS hardware at merci, is the idea that one can create two three movements his own light for a decoration that is like no other.

The decoration brand Muuto revisits the traditional bulb into light that only one. Here, no need to assemble the elements together: we simply choose the color of the cable and socket. The Ledbulbbay comes to B22 suspension light bulbs equipped with a silicone sleeve, turning the cable and socket major player. The bulb and more is very refined and design, not registering in this trend of vintage with a filament and a copper sleeve.

Out site contains a selection of decorative bulbs to illuminate your home in a different way. Between the incandescent light bulb and the bulb filament mind vintage deco e-shop offers a wide choice to suit everyone, all at low prices. For more design and high-end bulb to be considered as a precious object, our site offers also a few originals, like the LED bulb in Crystal of the Italian brand Seletti. If the e-shop does not group Sockets and cables to complete the shopping, it offers templates of light bulbs that we do not find elsewhere…

The concept store FLEUX, which invests the street St. Croix of the Bretonnerie in the Marais in Paris offers historical reproduction of the light bulb Edison 1910 designed by Thomas Edison.What illuminate our interiors in an authentic spirit bringing a nice retro effect to the décor. The concept store offers a selection of bulbs devoid of fireworks where sobriety just to enhance the object. Thus, we like integrate it in our decoration with delicacy to take care, assuming the light bulb as object full.

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