What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular, versatile and complete suites of office applications in the world, such is its popularity that it is estimated that more than 80% of enterprises used services of this software.

Released first Mac in 1989 and later in 1990 for Windows, Office had its origin in an idea of marketing, the together in a bundle several popular applications of the firm for business and office which until then were sold separately, idea that that gave excellent fruit.

With the passage of the years, Microsoft has been incorporating increasingly better features and programs to the suite, and has managed to modernize to be always ahead of its competitors, especially attempts, very laudable indeed, LibreOffice, OpenOffice and Google, office applications among others.

Currently, the Microsoft Office suite is comprised of a series of applications, all of them leaders in their field, and that granted to the company or individual who uses a wide range of advantages.

Main programs included in Office

Microsoft Word: Application developed for the processing of texts, without a doubt the most used around the world, and a standard for the rest.

Microsoft Excel: Other industry standards. Excel is an application developed to create spreadsheets, with thousands of functions and features.

Microsoft PowerPoint: The most commonly used application around the world the creation of slide shows and presentations. Using PowerPoint, we may include images, sound, text, animations and videos to any presentation in simple and fast way.

Microsoft Outlook: This application has been designed to be the administrator of personal information and electronic mail client by default of the suite. It includes a calendar, Task Manager and address book and many other important features.

Microsoft Access: Access is the tool for editing suite databases.

Microsoft InfoPath: Application default suite for the forms based on XML editing.

Microsoft OneNote: No doubt some, one of the best applications for taking notes on the market, with superior features to other programs of its kind as Evernote.

Microsoft Publisher: This application was designed for the purpose of competing with other software like InDesign, DTP , but was unsuccessful, limiting their use to only some companies that use it for internal designs and little else.

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace: Tool for workgroup collaboration via P2P.

Microsoft Lync: Communications client designed by Microsoft to offer its customers a simple and solid way to Managing conferences and meetings in real time through the video and Instant Messaging.


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