What is Kbps?

Definition of Kbps

Its definition is: a unit of measurement used in telecommunications and computer science which is calculated the speed of transmission of information through a network or telecommunication line.


Every Kilobit is 1000 bits.

And at the same time, 1 Mbps (megabytes) is composed of 1000 Kilobytes.

Internet operators, typically offer speed in MB or Megabytes. That is why it is important to know the relationship between both measures of speed.

Thus, when offered a 6 MB connection, provides a maximum of 750 Kb/s download, or as a file of 4 Mbytes can be downloaded in less than 6 seconds.

It is important not to confuse with capital letter “B” Kb KB means bytes, instead the lowercase “b” means bits.

The bit on the other hand, is the smallest unit of data in a computer, can have the value 1 or 0. The byte is instead used to describe the size of a data file and consists of 8 bits of data.

Then the Kilobyte (KB), which is equal to 1024 or 1000 bytes.

A transfer rate of 1 Kilobytes per second (KBps) is equivalent to 1000 Bytes per second.

The Kilobit (kb) is equal to 1024 or 1000 bites.

As 1 kbps per second data transfer rate is equivalent to a 1000 bit rate per second.

The Megabytes per second (MBps) is the measurement of transfer of amount of data in a network connection and 1 MBps equals 1 million bytes or 1000 kilobytes per second.

Meanwhile a 1 Mbps (Mbps) data transfer rate is approximately a rate of 1000 kilobits per second.

Synonym of Kbps

Kilobits; KB/s; kbit/s (international standard symbol).

“The proposals for broadband that will inaugurate the telecommunications cooperative of the small town, has planned a speed of several hundred Kbps data transport.” In this example, used with the sense of the speed of a broadband connection.

“At the beginning of the year 2000, servers of the internet in the South African nation could pass from 500 Kbps to 1 Mbps”. Refers in this case to the connection speed.

“The modem Internet connection has remained practically obsolete debit the maximum speed is 56 Kbps”. It applies here, referring to a modem whose speed has been widely surpassed by other connections.


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