Trail Running – Project 1 Year Later…

It’s been about a year now that I have my project trail running started. Are now proud 1.097,89 km and 20.019 HM come together at 115 activities on my watch! Reason enough to throw a little recap of my first Trailjahr.

My first timid attempts at running I dared in August last year in our local woods, at short distances of 4 to 8 kilometres and a cozy 7-8 minute per kilometer pace. Now my usual workout distance is 10 km and the pace has stabilized between 5 to 6 minutes. At the weekend, broader Trailläufe between 10 and 20 km on the program, and then more slowly, we tackle the pace are then ever, together with other of the Trekking Blog.

As you can read from my statistics and the last contributions around running out, I came in between also temporarily from the trail on the road. One-third of the travelled kilometres were a total run on asphalt. Last but not least, taking part in the half marathon in Luxembourg was decisive for the occasional exchange on the street. It is also quite comfortable during the lunch break with colleagues directly from the Office go to run it, as yet a quarter of an hour to the next forest trail to ride. The city of Luxembourg has quite some nice tracks on paved roads to offer. If you want, can even real trails on the fortress walls run 🙂
Nevertheless, I love trail running. Ever wilder and original environment, the more fun is running!

To make the whole running project even more exciting, I’ve already tried to several competitions, and am so far quite happy with my results. I was with my rankings at the urban trail, the ING half-marathon, and the adventure running, significantly in the first half of the participants field. In the latter case, I walked with other even close to a place on the podium in the team standings over.
The next competition is scheduled already for the 1 September. Then it goes over 10 miles on a trail running in the South of Luxembourg.

In short, even though I ran very little in July, the first year of my trail running was so very successful project. In spite of the inner pig dog, which I still have to fight, I have more than 1,000 km and 20.000 HM laid back in 12 months. I’ve reached my goals that I had plugged in my 500-km intermediate conclusion with, now also almost all:

  • 5 minutes pace – I have not yet cracked the pace of 5 minutes / km, with an average 5:09 minutes over a distance of 10 km I am but already quite close.
  • Longer runs of 20 km – Longer runs are often on weekends, so far mostly “only” to about km 15.
  • Competitions – after 3 participations next is scheduled already firmly back to September 1st. More will surely follow.
  • 1,000 km in one year and it have become more even still less than 100. For the next year, it should be at least 1,200!

Even if I directly put no other specific targets, I am continue trying to improve my form and to run longer and faster. Trail running is fun!

On an another great and exciting Trailjahr!

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