Top 10 Bra Mistakes

CHEST – The bras are a little pain in the neck and complicated – buy causes anxiety, wash takes time and sometimes succeed to wear discreetly under clothing would be impossible.

But we’re here to tell you that all is not lost. Women are so many errors in their bra, both to buy than to keep them, it is enough to be told you what you do wrong for you to do well. We therefore call Bobbie Smith of the lingerie brand to show us the common mistakes we make – and explain how to make peace once and for all with these complex pieces of fabric.

Here are 10 mistakes you probably commit.

1. Choosing a bra according to the cup size. 

One should therefore not rely on her cup size to choose a bra? No, declares Smith, instead, start with the chest. “Cup depths are directly related to breasts towers,” explains Smith. “So if someone says, ‘Oh, I’m a D cup’, it does not mean anything unless it knows its corresponding chest.” Cup depths are not standard, which means you may have to do a D cup with a chest size, but E with another round.A bra 75D has such a depth of less than a cup 80D. By ceasing to rely on the chest that you think you have, you try more things and you can find the bra that best suits your chest. Which brings us to …

2. Wear a bra too small.

The women identify so much depth cap, Pauldigo says, there are 12 types of bra in total, and they are reluctant to go up a cup size to get off a chest. Or it may be that you wore a 85C when your bust is 75 cm … which means you should wear a bra size 75E. “I lowers many women waistline I dress, and suddenly their depth cap seems enormous, explains Bobbie. Yet they equate it to a character flaw.” Accept that larger cup size – and you’ll see your bra you really will get better.

3. Tighten the bra on the tightest staples.

When measuring your chest, you should base on the clips on the ends, rather than on the more inside. “In use, a bra will relax about 7.6 centimeters,” explains Bobbie, and when that happens, “it’s time to use tighter staples.” So buy a bra that holds well on the latest clips, staples and use tighter later.

4. Leave the tape back up on your back.
“The back band should never be higher than the frame” decreed Bobbie. If this is the case is that it is not suitable to your chest.

5. Continue to carry a basket bra balconette or instead of fitting bra or armature.

The bras trash are those who keep their shape even when they are in your drawer (and you usually find at Victoria’s Secret). Bras Interlocking frames or have a soft, flexible cloth cap that fits the shape of your breast. According Bobbie, one for you depends on the texture of your breasts. “If your chest is firm and is naturally high, then you can use the push-up bras or trash” advises Bobbie. But if, like most women, your chest is more flexible and does not hold the right course, “it will tend to nest at the bottom of the basket and you’ll have a space at the ramp.”

Why? “The breasts naturally have a conical shape, not round” said Bobbie;”Suddenly, when you wear a bra that already has its own form, you try to adapt a flexible skin that form.” This gives the effect “puddle” or “breasts quadra”. Instead, the seams of a bra sewn reinforcement work like support beams of a house, giving structure and form to the chest. These bras chest mold according to its form, instead of forcing the breasts to fit a predetermined shape.

6. Thinking you can wear the same bra with all types of outfits.
Well no, you can not. Your chest should be rising in certain dresses, while some senior will be more flattering if your chest is lower and less prominent. Try several types of bras with each garment that you have to make sure that you match your outfit bra that suits him best.

7. Use the same bra two days in a row.
You may have a favorite bra, but you should not wear it two days running. “Leave the bra ‘rest at least one second day allows it to regain elasticity “Bobbie said.” When you wear two consecutive days is like a muscle pull. – it will wrinkle and will not be able to return to normal “a something that helps retain the elasticity? “Wash it with cold water, because it was a shock effect on him.” Would also like, speaking of that …

8. Wash your bra in Woolite.
Your mother probably gave you your first bottle of Woolite for your delicates, but Bobbie reveals that the Woolite is actually terrible for bras. “It was designed in reality for the softest wool, so you should not use it for the elastic, because you want that it remains firm. ” This, indeed, seems quite logical.

9.Garder a bra too long.
“When worn correctly and that maintains it, a bra can last eight months,” said Boobie. “After that, the band relaxes and supports you more.” This is why you should have six to seven bras in your wardrobe, to be able to rotate and thus make them last longer.

10. that a bra that does not fit will do.

‘Women are simply resigned to the fact that a bra will not go perfectly “complains Bobbie. It gets angry, we tired of looking for the right bra, and finally agreed that we will pretty much.

But now that we know exactly what we are doing wrong, we can relearn our good measurements with a meter and start hunting for a good bra. For a glimpse of what a custom bra, read our own experience here.

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