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Smartphone Bracelet

The popularity of smart bracelets that monitor physical activity increases, market supply increases, and selection is becoming more difficult. It may be easier for you to test 11 models in the price range from 1700 to 4700 crowns. The basis of bracelets is a pedometer, which provides the necessary data to calculate in walking distance or calories burned. Most can monitor activity and sleep. Due to the preservation and clear display of data to communicate with all models of smartphones, the instrumented board can also highlight, for example, to received text messages or incoming phone calls.

Smart bracelets belong to a group of so-called wearables , which is a term denoting electronics, you do not wear your pockets, but directly on the body. In translation, these devices are called wearable electronics and include, for example, smart watches and smart glasses. While browsing the shops instead labeled smart wristbands can meet with names like fitness bracelets or belts, bracelets, sports, fitness trackers or monitors or sensors daily activities. The primary task is to motivate bracelets to move. In other words, every day you should not miss a certain number of steps or prescribed burn calories. Your goal, you can enter yourself, or use the factory settings.

In terms of functionality of the bracelet Smartphone is the most important characteristics of quality of the measured data, in particular their stability and accuracy. Stability data was tested by calculation of calories burned during walking and walking distance, further measurement of steps and heart rate in the event that the bracelet includes an integrated meter. Data accuracy of individual bracelets were compared with professional equipment and followed the same values ​​as stability data. Calculating the amount of calories burned, however, we tested not only walking, but also for running, cycling and everyday activities, among which were filling with dishwasher, reading a magazine or walking with shopping bags.

As shown by the tests, accuracy of data poses for some bracelets big problem. The largest deviations are measured when calculating calories burned when data between the outputs from the bracelet and professional calorimeter, employing breath analysis differed in some cases up to 130 percent.

When evaluating the bracelets have to incorporate the basic features such as alerts, displaying information or a swim, we noticed but also superior fitness function and smart features to ensure compatibility with other devices and the Internet.

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