Revlon Nail Polish Shades with Price

Despite being an imported enamel, do not expect to pay a lot in enamels Revlon. The product is popular in the line and so walks becoming tip in mentorships beauty nail constantly in Brazil.There is a national brand, but it’s almost as if it were given the opportunity to find the product here.

Enamels Revlon are a US brand emerged with a purpose: to let the most beautiful woman even in times of crisis. It came to market just because of the crash of the stock market in 1929. And with everyone without money I could not charge expensive, is not it? That was the proposal: cheap makeup, good products and so make it to the home of most women in the United States. Like wholesaleably, its biggest competitor today and coming from the same territory, kept the line low and quality around the world.

Color Enamels Revlon

As most manicures and nail lovers know little mark, there is a fixed idea that Revlon enamels have few colors in the market. It’s just printing, but it has its truth. If we compare with the Risqué giant, really they are few colors in a palette of over 100 colors. But there is a justification: investment in glazes for the brand came in the last 10 years and it does not throw many on the market. The strength of the US is the same makeup, and with these products, it is very dear even by professionals.

Some prominent worthy colors in the palette of shades of enamels Revlon are:

Urban – a blue medium between the royal and turquoise, closed, but flashy. It is one of the most beautiful of the brand and the collection of fixed production tones. It should be being produced for a long time.

Sheer Petal – this color is a mixture of sparkling pearl with pink, very feminine and delicate Mixe. It has an extremely glossy finish and discreet. Great color glaze to work.

Dreamer – color blue, almost a baby tone. It is cheerful and great color for summer

Collection with glitter – the cover in glitter has discrete glare and some larger balls. They are a good tip for use in coating and decorated nails

Collection ColorStay – fast drying and have only one layer. Ideal for women and practices that can not spend much time devoted to their enameling. Even though only one layer, it firm and covers very well the nail.

Revlon Enamels Hypoallergenic

Jumping on the bandwagon of health for nails, Revlon launched a line of products 3 formula-free, known in Brazil as hypoallergenic. They are formulations without formaldehyde, or formaldehyde and toluene, which may cause allergies. It was to be a passing fad or a different line, but today all nail products of the brand are no such composition. But do not get so excited and startled: this is a market trend. It is estimated that very soon all manufacturers enamel work this way. Fashion is now dye and protect the skin above all.

Price Revlon Nail Polish

The value is one of the biggest attractions. To be an imported enamel, is expected to at least R $ 30 in Brazil, is not it? It’s not what happens here. The highest value is R $ 20 found the item in the market.

Buy the product is relatively easy to compare with other brands of imported glazes. The main imported makeup shops sell the product, as Dafiti, Sephora, Sepha, Cosmetics season, Americanas, Wallmart, Magazine Luiza, among others.

Revlon Nail Polish is Good?

The price of imported enamel usually leaves some users in doubt. Enter here the most basic rule of fashion: not everything expensive is necessarily good. If you have a cheap product in hand, enjoy! This is the case of Revlon enamels.

It costs 50% less than its competitors and this casts doubts on an imported product. In contrast, it is more expensive than domestic products and that creates some doubts. But it is rather a good glaze and covers well the nail. It is the most durable, but lasts the basics: seven days on average, depending on usage. The price is well account also for your benefit cost.

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