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The Oktoberfest in Munich starts soon – and the market is flooded with dirndl creations of all kinds.What makes you uncomfortable and what is good Wiesn style?The big Dirndl-Check.

If one is reaped with a polyesterdirndl – preferentially bought near the station – on the Wiesn contempt, hopefully everyone will be aware. Such a faux pas is reserved for Australian travel groups or bachelor parties. But also costly costume, the wearer with tulle, taffeta and short skirt looks like a sweet, unmasks the bad taste of the Wiesn visitor. Be a princess for a day? Sure, but please not on the Wiesn.

Tradition is something beautiful

In the past everything was better.A saying that is incredibly annoying, but is especially heard at the Oktoberfest in Munich.For if the tradition festival for many locals in the past decades felt like a Bavarian ballermann , one can easily counteract this development as a style-conscious woman in one point: with appropriate costume.

This does not mean that the Dirndl must look like a trashy country house fashion or you have to wear a chastely high-spirited. And it does not mean – before a Shitstorm rained on us – that the dirndl must be made of silk and must cost at least 1000 euros. Rather, it is said that one invests in a Dirndl, which convinces with loving details and a nice cotton material instead of with glittering Chichi or bright colors, which even after a few measure beer still in the eyes ache. Because yes, you can also look good in a cheap Dirndl. If you look at the right criteria.

Where do all these dirnds come from?

On 16 September, Anstich is at the Munich Oktoberfest.In the months before, not only the tents and rides grew like a city from the soil of the Theresienwiese, but also some new costume labs.Even new, we say “unexpected”, designer co-operations jump on the trachtenzug.For example, ex-nominees of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, which have devoted themselves to their own designs.From just under 100 to 1000 Euro is everything priced – depending on how far one assumes the costume with the Feierei at the Oktoberfest anyway to ruin.

Are these designs for the Wiesn in question?

Since one would not want to condemn anyone in advance for his designs , here is the honest question: Which dirndl do you really want to wear?Should the money generally rather be invested in young labels or really traditional traditional brands?Here the newest Dirndl in the style check including a bit of tuition in fashionable tradition in Bavaria.

1. The classic Dirndl of the gods

According to HomeThodology, the label from Munich has only been around for a few years, but the Dirndl are already regarded as timeless classics.High-quality fabrics, simple color combinations and an apron with a noble clasp instead of the typical cloth loop.This also removes the annoying question on the side of the loop, the interested flirt partners should betray, whether one is single or not.Apart from this, thank you also for the best Dirndlblusen, which have a extravagant, high collar or from fine point.

By the way, the label is particularly popular with Bavarian weddings – to guests or to the bride.Traditionally, there are often Bavarian evenings, as well as traditional wedding ceremonies.

2. The young Dirndl of Ludwig & Therese

It is a bit reminiscent of Belle’s dress “Beauty and the Beast”.Usually, Dirndl with white aprons always look something “peasant”.But by the high-quality light blue fabric and the red loop as contrast, the “Schwabing” doll by Ludwig & Therese is a dress that looks girlish, but any woman under 30 can be outstanding.If you are a bit older, Dirndl with a longer skirt and discreet colors always look more authentic.

3. More summer dress than Dirndl

A very pretty dress, no question.The Munich designer Lena Hoschek knows the value of tradition.But especially as the creations of the designer are otherwise, the “Gretl” dress is not suitable for a stale visit to the lake.A bodice, an apron, and, if it is so arranged, a white dirndl blouse, belong to an appropriate dirndl.The dress is ideal for summer festivals, but for the Wiesn you should put on a classic Dirndl – and also by Lena Hoschek.

When we are on the topic: Never wear a balcony-dirndl (ie a dirndl with straps, for which a blouse is provided) without a blouse.That looks cheap.Always.Like at Paris Hilton when she came to the Oktoberfest.And also a fashionable reinterpretation that does not belong: white shirt instead of the blouse under the dirndl.

4. The pseudo-Dirndl of Betty Taube

A dirndl that goes through in all categories.With her collection for the Krüger brand , the former Germany’s Next top model candidate Betty Taube succeeds Stefanie Giesinger as “Influencerin”.Their creations were already bordering, but this year’s collection surpasses everything.Not only is the color combination taste, the Dirndlrock is clearly too short.

Whoever is older than twelve years should always wear a dirndl that reaches above the knee.A special faux pas is also that under the skirt the sewn hem of an alleged Unterrocks is to be seen.As cute as it may seem at first sight, according to traditional style, it means that the undercoat only flashes with “light girls”.

5. The dress of the Munich von Amsel

An absolute favorite of the locals. Blackbird is appreciated because of its special cuts in combination with classic fabric patterns. The Dirndl “Ruby” with sleeves is the best example that a Dirndl can look stylish without a blouse and a balcony-neck. And even from behind: the peplum, the extra fabric at the end of the bodice, gives the costumes a tad more traditional character and stands for every figure. The label also offers high-quality dirndls made from brocade materials, which stand out on the Wiesn as a special feature. By the way, the Munich label is not only popular with the ladies, the deer leather trousers for men are also worth the investment.

6. The designer Dirndl by Hugo Boss

More and more, large designer labels have already tried on costumes.With Lederhosen worked so far better, with Dirndln the results were often managed manageably.Not so with this dirndl of Hugo Boss .Elegant brocade fabric and a silk apron in light pink beige – but no trace of high-end attitudes in this dirndl.Just as classic as the label itself.

7. The charity Dirndl of Sportalm

With this style guide it becomes clear that many of the presented Dirndl come in restrained blue and green tones.However, this sporting highlight of Sportalm Kitzbühel is also proof that even bright colors can convince you.This is mainly due to the fact that otherwise Schnickschnack is dispensed with.No chain or extra loops on the bodice, also on gathers at the décolleté – “Froschgoscherl” – is dispensed with.The bright pink of the dirndl and the dark pink of the silk apron are indeed girlish, but since the skirt is not too short, the Dirndl is also wearable in these colors for adult women.With the purchase of the Dirndl, one is proving social commitment:part of the selling price goes to the “Pink Ribbon”action of the Austrian cancer aid.

8. The vintage washing machine from Coco Vero

The most beautiful heirloom for a Bavarian woman is when there is a dirndl in the family that has been passed on for generations.These are usually so-called “washers”, which are very simple cut and with simple streublumen patterns and from firm, even more robust cotton materials.The label Coco Vero was inspired by such vintage pieces and offers, among other things, newly designed washcloths: with puffed sleeves, stand-up collar, silver buttons and large loops on the dotted apron.Very successful and far above the Oktoberfest average look.

Why does the author feel so much love for beautiful costumes? As a Bayerin, Gloria von Bronewski takes a break from Berlin during the weeks during the Oktoberfest to spend as many days in Munich as possible. Of course always in Dirndl:

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