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Is It Good to Go Running Everyday

Running is healthy, almost everyone knows. But like many things in life also applies: you love it or you hate it. Someone can still give so many reasons to go running, when you really do not want, you do not go. There is a lot of information about all the benefits it brings. These benefits can immediately deleting some well known drawbacks to mention especially the reasons that it is not an appropriate sport for you. But these disadvantages are maybe just hidden excuses? Some of them turn out to be based on myths.

What is truth and what is not?

There are some disadvantages to think about running, but there are still less than the benefits it brings. Some reasons not to start running are obvious, but some are unjustified. The most common arguments to prove, when you had once examines actually not be true at all.

“It’s boring”

People who say that running is boring, it is not much, of course. It can be very boring day in and day out to go the same way, but it is so unnecessary that every day would be the same food. The secret to keep from running, to add variety and make it fun or challenging. You will develop quickly and keep you alert.

“It is bad for the knees”

This is a common argument among non-runners. That shock you get when walking can still be good for you?However, this is a misunderstanding. Several studies have been conducted and published, including in the journals Arthritis and Rheumatism, and the Journal of Rheumatology. These studies have shown that there is no difference in the degree and rate of wear of the knee and hip joints of runners and non-runners. Running may also reduce the risk of joint problems because the joints and connective tissue strong, flexible and rich with the remains of nutrients. Something that women may not want to hear, but it is shown that wearing high heels risk of osteoarthritis increases more than running. While walking in high heels, the pressure on the knee joints by up to more than 20% higher.

“It’s too heavy”

The most common excuse not to go running from the most common beginner’s mistake: to run fast. You are determined to pull your running shoes on and ran out the door. In order to get the feeling for a while that your lungs will jump out of your body. Gasped that I manage to get home and you are convinced that this is not for you. But it is also a good way to start. You begin to walk calmly and pieces in between so as not to exhaust yourself. There are many systems for beginners who are working in this way. Shame on you even when there is a runner on the way you laugh merrily past competitions. Maybe he runs all his life, and besides, he probably wants to impress you that he only increased his pace. As you exercise more, you can force the pace abolish walking breaks. But first you have to get used to your body and your mind to run.

“It is embarrassing”

You assume sweating and panting, turns red, and the icing on the cake is every bit of fat on the body sway while driving. But this need not be a reason not to go. Most people just do their own thing and hardly notice that you are racing by. If you continue to think that everyone is looking at you, you can do several things:

  • you can not go early in the morning, when the rest of the world is still in bed
  • You can avoid crowded places and somewhere to go where few people will
  • You can go with someone who is motivational and distracts
  • You can join a running club
  • you can start running on a treadmill in the gym

Sunglasses can help to contribute to feel anonymous. That way no one can make eye contact with you, and it makes people reluctant to make any comments. A cap on the head can have the same effect. For women runners, a supportive sports bra prevent much misery and when you want to be left alone, you better not wear a short, colorful running pants.

“I’m too old / too much / too slow to Start Running”

When you are older than you might need a little more rest days and make it less mileage. Questions restoration, good heating, cooling and strengthening exercises are important for everyone to prevent injuries, regardless of age.Running keeps you healthy and you can also stop when you are doing when you are eighty crucial. And just walking makes you stay vital. Obesity can be a disadvantage and obese people can better control the other sports. But a few kilos too much does not mean you can not drive. Your body may have something. Every time you come down to earth, catching joints two to four times your weight. Therefore it is very important to start with good running shoes, tailored to your feet. Power exercises can give you lots of support. Running in the end allows you to maintain your weight and get a good condition. Heavier people with a good physical condition are often healthier than thin people in poor condition and that gives extra motivation to go running.

“I’m not Built Competitiveness or Performance”

Run you do in the first place for yourself. Many runners do not participate in competitions, and it need not. When you join a running club, there are always people who are constantly on things like their personal record or their results on the five and ten kilometers. Since you have no messages, and fortunately there are plenty of people who like you, have their own challenges. Running can include new friends and acquaintances, endurance, focus, and improves health. And there are some nice incidentals especially for women:

  • Running the risk of breast cancer
  • Drive you can resolve from PMS and menstrual cramps
  • You will be more satisfied with your body
  • It prevents osteoporosis after menopause
  • It can provide a smoother, healthier pregnancy and childbirth

The only thing that you should always take is that you do everything in moderation observed, listen to your body and ignoring others. Eventually you experienced “runner high.”

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