How to Stuff a Dog Bed

Any dog can assess soft, comfortable sofa.Unfortunately, stuffing equalize over time. When you stuff dog bed, it is important to add enough filling. This creates even more cushion can support the weight of your dog over an extended period of time. This is especially important with older dogs prone to pain.

Things You’ll Need: 
Shaped bed
Cotton wool

Show More Instruction: 

Lay dog bed shaped flat on a table, countertop, or other flat surface. If the access panel is under the bed dog it upside down. Note measurements from inside seam to seam inside and in both directions.

Stretch cotton wool in another section of the counter. Use a measuring tape and marker to mark off the correct size. Cut a piece of batting.

Use the cut piece of stuffing as a template to create additional pieces. Cut as much as the desired thickness you prefer. Stack cotton wool pieces in neat pile.

Hold the pieces together at one end. Roll wool forward in a big roll. Place the roll in the form of dog bed.

develop cotton wool carefully inside the dog bed. Stretch the corners in place with your fingers to get into the corners. Smooth out any unevenness until all pieces of wadding arranged in one plane. Examination of the thickness of the bed dog, adding more sheets of wool, if necessary.

Close the hole. Some dog beds come with zippers, while others will require a simple running stitch to close.

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