How to Choose The Best Winter Jacket

If the colorful leaves fall from the trees and the days get shorter, we must be even on cooler temperatures. Autumn and winter hold catchment and with them comes damp, cold and sometimes windy weather. The appropriate winter clothing keeps essential freezing and protects against nasty colds. But which jacket is the right one?

Jackets: Really Worth on?

For the first cool days of the summer is usually sufficient to transition jacket or a transition jacket. Attention should be paid to water-repellent and breathable materials, because one is well prepared even on rainy days against the wet weather-for example, on the way to work. Transitional jackets such as our transition jackets Wellensteyn are only slightly or not fed normally what both the ladies’ and men’s jackets applies. Warm keeping course anyway. On crisp cold autumn days you can protect yourself with our numerous jumpers additionally against low temperatures.

Buyer details of the jacket should not be lost sight of. Pockets on both sides are a must for the cool days and provide warm hands, even if the gloves are still allowed in the closet. Equally mandatory is a tiltable or high-cut collar, the neck and neck protects against cold winds. A flexible hood is the icing on the cake of a quick transition jacket winter cap can then safely leave at home. Basically Jackets are slightly airy cut, so an additional if necessary Women pullovers or Herrenpullover not affect einzwängend.

Winter jackets: wrapped up in winter, without sweating

Special clothing for the winter is always fed properly. How warm a jacket must be effectively and which feeding is appropriate, depends heavily on the application and by the planned activities. For everyday wear the jacket must be warm especially so that one does not come while waiting at the bus stop or in a city stroll into chills. Versatile, the claims, if you want to wear the winter jacket and sporting activities.
What is needed is a smart jacket that well insulated, moisture prevents, is breathable and naturally very convenient. Good winter jackets therefore characterized by a waterproof outer layer and a thermal keeping inside out, these consist mostly of toasty-warm fleece. For the wintry everyday especially thick jackets with down or synthetic insulation as the offer Wellensteyn Centurion Men’s jacket or Wellensteyn Centurion Lady Dam enjacke on. So to get nice and warm by the annual “Ice Age.”

Apropos: down or synthetic fill?

The fact that in the winter, neither in men nor in men’s jackets starts to freeze, is also a question of the correct filling. For a long time the natural material down as ultimate. With the best insulation properties of its unbeatable lightness they seem to be a clear advantage. But down also entail drawbacks: They are prone to moisture and are then very difficult, also leaves her heat storage effect by then. In addition, a down jacket has a significantly longer drying time compared to a filled with synthetic fibers and jacket should be used especially in dry weather conditions. Recently, another innovation revolutionized the fashion market: Especially impregnated down thanks protect Hydro Down additionally against moisture and are a good partner for winter sports. These jackets not only bring the same heat output, but also protect against moisture and also significantly better dry much faster. They also make the winter jacket to a real lightweight.

Pleasantly warm: the Design counts

Practically Inappropriate bags are also crucial for winter jackets.They should also be fed at best, and can be closed as well – either by zip fastening or velcro or snaps. And how many bags do you need?This is a matter of taste. The usual own activities should always be the focus of Jack choice, even when it comes to the arrangement of the jacket pockets. Backpackers should for example look at raised pockets, otherwise the abdomen or waist belt would conceal the bags.

Also, according to Mensjacketsstore, a thick winter hooded jacket should be adaptable and have elastics on the pockets and elastic and adjustable cuffs, so that snow and cold have no chance to penetrate through the sleeve. Hooded are an absolute must for functional winter jackets, but they have to sit properly. Helpful here is a drawstring. A cuddly fur collar as in our Wellensteyn Imagine Damenjacke or Wellensteyn Pacifica men’s jacket not only looks trendy, it also protects against icy winds. Also important: The zippers should be even with gloves still easy to use.

And otherwise?

In the dreary season you can still have the courage to paint, so there is our jackets in addition to the classic black and gray in colorful designs such as red and blue. While this does not protect additionally against the cold, but makes the same amount in a better mood and is in cloudy and dark weather, and of course a plus in terms of safety. In addition to warm winter jackets you can also submit matching with us ladies pants and men’s trousers buy the perfect fit for our offered jackets. Particularly high-quality MAC Jeans and Angels Jeans are very popular in autumn and winter. Take a look inside times!

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