How to Choose Plus Size Shapewear

Many tend to flee the high waist pants deemed too “granny” in favor of so-called sexy lingerie as the string. But when is round or very round or even rather thin but with shapes or cellulitis, string, tanga or other type of underwear can make us look like a “roulade” and unfortunately under clothes it shows!

The shapeware lingerie, why not?

To harmonize the silhouette is often the solution to opt for the shapeware underwear, though we sometimes feel like we still feel comfortable but small unsightly bulges under our clothes and book ducts and other body sculpting for outputs. It is best to opt for the high-large size panties.

Forget his grandmother lingerie reputation and think of the old pin-up who swore by the high-waisted panties! Were not yet not sexy at will?

Let’s take a look at the current collections to see the high waist pants evolved. Let’s rather choose girly with embroidery and little knot or cotton for maximum comfort, it is far flesh colored panties of our grannies . Fortunately retailers think we offer models rather nice and comfortable, the top!

The panty is considered high waist soon as it reaches the navel, other models go up even higher, up to you which one you prefer.

Our Selection Of High-Culottes Large Size

To wear high waist pants without feeling to have borrowed from grandma Jeannine, follow the guide!

The High Spirit Panties Underwear Size

A selection of templates for those who do not want to skip the glamor, it combines comfort and spirit underwear with feminine details tulle, lace, embroidery or small knots.

At kiabi

A contemporary style for this pant that combines the comfort of microfiber and femininity of lace.
Extra refined and feminine, this sublime satin model is also available in black and cherry.

Chez Ulla Popken

A feminine cut through the lace yoke.

Chez Bonprix

A bicolor panties high waist with bow and lace, feminine!

Chez Castaluna

Panties high waist shapewear that is not done but the belly with a plastron doubled but who knows how to forget.

Panties High Lovely & Comfortable Size

Models selected for those that are not too frills and lace and who appreciate the comfort of cotton.

Chez Ulla Popken

finely striped black burgundy season for this lovely model.

We like the freshness of this model that can coordinate with the matching bra.

It diverts the boxer of the gentlemen with this shorty so girly!

Chez Bonprix

It’s the waltz of the high waist panty that is offered by us assorted items at a small price to vary the patterns and colors!

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