Hoodie FAQ

Hoodie? What is a hoodie actually?

As Hoodie ultra comfortable will Hoodie referred, which are now worn all year round – in summer jacket , in winter sweater under the jacket.Many fans have a whole bunch of hoodies in various colors at home in order to take the beloved item daily.

Why is the hoodie ever Hoodie?

The English term ‘hoodie’ for this garment, which is known in German as a hoodie, derives from the hood – this is called in English ‘hood’.The garment itself is also known as ‘hooded sweatshirt known’.Sometimes the hoodie is also misspelled ‘Hoody’.

Generation favorite – Why is the hoodie so popular?

Considered a long time as the “uniform” of teenage boys, the hoodie has now conquered all generations. The advantages of the hoodies are obvious: It is amply sized and very comfortable, so it also as jacket over T-shirt or Longsleeves can be worn. If it you feel too warm, simply drag it out!

Many wear the hoodie as a convenient substitute Jack outdoors – then meets the hood its actual function best, because with rain or strong wind, it protects the head like a cap. The Hoodie now exist in a variety of colors and designs: from simple adaptable Hoodie in gray or black to colorful hoodie with printed images. Popular are also hoodies imprinted with a large university or hoodies with lettering, eg by. Rock- and metal bands or computer games.

When was hoodies?

In fact you could say that it was the hoodie in the Middle Ages. He was in fact inspired by the monk robes of Catholic monasteries where monks wore robes with a hood, which warmed their shaved heads in all weathers. By this thinking, the American Apparel Manufacturers Champion when he should develop warm clothing for employees of the New York frozen storage in the 30s of the 20th century. However, the good piece far was then called Hoodie.

Only in the 70s of the hoodie was first entrance into pop culture – for example, as a film hero “Rocky” (played by Sylvester Stallone) in the eponymous cult movie in hoodie by Philadelphia jogged. More Popularity thrusts learned the hoodie, when US elite universities brought out maternity hoodie with their logo, and as the hip-hop and Surfer scenes discovered the hoodie itself.

What lifts the hoodie from the normal street style sweater?

The hoodie has two major advantages over the normal sweater: one hand of course the eponymous hood, the hot-holding head to wind and weather and is just in teenagers also popular to a certain extent to hide “from the world”. Another advantage is the front sewn consistent fanny pack, in which the hands are warmed.

Some Hoodies are also equipped with a zipper. This ‘Zipper’ or ‘Zipped Hoodie’ mentioned variant, you can easily like a jacket on and take off. Perfect for outdoor activities in uncertain weather!

The hoodie – a garment, suitable for almost everything?

In everyday life, the hoodie has actually almost everywhere and at all times wear –

comfortably at home on the couch, getting around the go or at the gym. Depending on the workplace especially nice neutral color hoodies can even be worn to work – best combined with a pretty scarf and trousers. Only in the evening the hoodie should rather stay at home: For fine dining, the theater or festive occasions it is then too casual.


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