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Flashlight Powered by Heat from Your Hand

It would be interesting to know how such a lamp can be created! $ 20 (15 euros and dust …) equipment to create a lamp whose energy is produced by the heat of your hand, and it invented by a “kid” 15 years!!! There still is hope with clean, alternative energy sources, there is hope!!!

What were you doing when you were 15? Ann Makosinski had a brilliant idea and imagined a lamp simple torch that works with the heat produced by your body. Instead of recharging or put new batteries, simply hold the lamp in your hand to illuminate it. And to take away your doubts, Ann Makosinski has just 15 years.

Ann Makosinski is interested in alternative energy, particularly on how we can recover all the energy wasted around us. While she was researching his favorite subject, she discovered the Peltier effect which produces energy when the various materials are cooled and heated from one side to the other.

After doing some calculations, it is concluded that the warmth of a human hand could produce enough energy to power an LED on a flashlight. She managed to produce two prototypes of flashlight that work, an aluminum and another PVC. They allowed him to be among the 15 global finalists in the Google Science Fair.

To make the CREE flashlights, it takes 20 € equipment, and if Ann Makosinski manages to win the grand prize of the science competition, she will walk away with $ 50,000 for his studies. This is actually impressive for a teenager 15 years, especially if you think back to what you were doing when you were her age. You invent revolutionary gadgets? That is what I thought.

Battery Free Flashlight Body Heat

Lumen is a flashlight of a new kind. In fact, it uses no batteries or battery only body heat to turn it into energy and light.

The fantasy of a free energy source, free and infinite becomes reality with this mini-lamp.

No battery, no battery, simply touch the lamp Lumen clever enough to generate the energy needed to light a light-emitting diode (LED) and light your nights.

Lumen is not intended to compete with flashlights extra-bright LED market but simply to provide fill light that never falls out of power.

For proof, Lumen generates only 15mA @ 3V when the air temperature difference and your body is 4° C, enough energy to light a 5mm LED that produces a light beam 3000 mCd ( Millicandela).

A power that his creator Rost, an engineer from New York (USA), compared to that deployed by the lamps of smartphones.

How does Lumen lamp?

From the perspective of the functioning of Lumen user is easy. Just touch the top of the lamp to produce electricity and therefore light.

As mentioned above, the temperature difference between ambient air and the body can produce the 15mA @ 3V sufficient to feed the micro LEDs. The excess is stored in a capacitor to be used any time.

To produce this energy, Lumen is based on the technology of thermoelectric generator where the temperature difference between two elements allow to generate an electric current.

Several versions of Lumen available soon

To accomplish this project, Rost has launched a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter and reached its goal in just one day. The funds raised will allow the New York engineer to finalize and commercialize Lumen different models by February 2016 still in the prototype.

Buyers have a choice of two materials: aluminum and titanium. Both models will also be adorned with a phosphorescent bar tritium possible to find the same light in total darkness.

The aluminum version does not exceed 35 grams with dimensions of only 40mm x 10mm x 80 mm and should be priced at $ 35. Its variant Titanium displays additional 10 grams for the same size so that a slightly higher price with $ 45 in the shop.

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