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The leather beds are a real ace in the sleeve of Modern Design. It is very beautiful models, attention to detail, characterized by very large, sinuous and attractive shapes, modern colors.

One of the strengths of the skin is to completely break away from the tradition of wooden furniture.

Buy a leather bed to finish or remodel a bedroom is a rather simple, if you think that choosing a completely different from the wood material should not pay attention to any differences between veins, between essences… greatly streamlining assembly operations of the various elements.

Another advantage is that the skin is easy to clean and maintain over time. Just a simple damp cloth to remove the dust on a daily basis and a common moisturizer, done regularly, to keep the skin supple and more radiant skin.

Besides the leather beds are available in many colors: from the more traditional such as white, black, brown; the most vibrant as lilac, orange, green, red …

Choose one color over another, equal to model, it means to personalize their room, leave their signature in matters of taste and style.

A squared headboard and little thick in contrast to the strong padding edging characterizes the Model LEBT04-2 Schwarz of Miadomodo.

It is a double bed in imitation leather black. A model characterized by a very thick side edge and a rounded shape that contrasts with the linearity and simplicity of the headboard always made ​​of imitation leather.

A bed that has its strength in an attractive design that plays on contrasts of shapes and proportions.

The ideal model for large bedrooms furnished in modern style. Also available in white.

Simple, minimalist style of the model in leatherette with Integrated network of Miadomodo.

A bed in faux leather brown. Rectangular headboard with a cut in half lengthwise, tone on tone; Eaves side edging and contained in the measures. This model is equipped with the network with wooden slats of the measures 200 cm by 120 cm.

With the upholstered structure the element reaches the size of 217 cm in height to 130 cm wide. A bed of limited forms, it does not create problems of space but it is able to enhance any room furnished in modern style bed.

Available in two other colors in addition to dark brown: black and white.

Miadomodo does not forget trendy furnishing lovers with the model with LED lighting.

It is a double bed in imitation leather white, characterized by a rectangular headboard carved in half lengthwise, with the inclusion of aperimeter Led light, very comfortable in the middle of the night to move about with ease, and essential to create a ‘atmosphere rather intimate and evocative.

This model is also available in black, gray and brown, to be combined with the best in all bedrooms furnished in modern style, according to the dominant colors already present.

A model in which functionality and aesthetics are married to perfection.

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