Best Way to Apply Wall Stickers

Ideal solution when you want to decorate its walls at low cost and without use nails, the sticker can still quickly become a disaster. Lesson pose and take off…


The best way to paste a sticker

  1. Always prepare your surface.This step is essential to avoid the formation of bubbles and all risks of delamination of the sticker. Clean water then degrease with alcohol to burn, and be sure to avoid any media that is not smooth.

2 Think Before you paste. Place your sticker in the desired location using the masking stoch as a guide. Thus, you will be sure that you’ll not stick it through. Be sure to these basics when you are pasting wall stickers to your bathroom.

3 Marouflez Your sticker. Or in other words, scrape the paper with energy with a plastic squeegee. Perform these movements from the inside to the outside, never the opposite. You can then remove it gently.

4 It’s Time to stick your sticker. And press this time transfer adhesive. Remove latter as slowly and starting at a corner without peeling off pieces of the sticker. If this happens, replace a part of the bracket in place and iron a few shots of scrapers.

5 For perfect shine. A soft cloth on your sticker and… that’s it!

Quick Tip: despite all your precautions, bubbles form sometimes when applying the sticker. Then take a needle to Pierce them and smooth the area with your hands.

The different processes to take itself off a sticker

Warning: if you don’t want to see your wall covering away debris, pull especially not a tweak on the sticker, unless it is repositionable.

  1. The Easy way.With a cotton ball soaked with soapy water, DAB your sticker. According to its quality, it will leave more or less easily. If he persists, scrape with a spatula.

2 Is Taping. Cover your sticker of tape, then pull carefully on the latter, the sticker must generally follow.

3 Save your wallpaper. If your sticker is pasted on a paper surface, bring a scraper and a fine blade, but above all, no chemicals.

4 Going heat. For vinyl stickers, heat them with a hair dryer until they soften. This method is a bit long but the sticker will come off by itself without a trace.

5 Have tried everything? Other dreadful weapons if nothing works: Scarlet water or solvent (which are also useful if traces of glue still exist).

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